Welcome to ABC Trinidad

ABC Trinidad is the ideal online company to cater to your mobile and accessory needs. With a wide array of products offered at affordable prices, you would able to find items that would best suit your requirements. At ABC, we believe in providing quality products that meet and satisfy all our customers. Our time management skills is no joke! Delivery efficiency is at the core of our business, ensuring that all orders placed by our customers are delivered in a timely and convenient manner.

Our Mission Statement

ABC Trinidad aims to be the number one online cellular business of Trinidad and Tobago.

What we believe


Time is our most valuable asset! As such, we expect our customers to hold us accountable with regard to respecting their time. We schedule all deliveries in the most desirable timeframe. We also facilitate same day deliveries as long as it is feasible to do so.


All products of ABC Trinidad are fully inspected and approved before sale. In addition, we take pride in providing warranty coverage for products sold.


The ABC staff is committed to serving our customers. We value the relationships we share and thus, offer rewards for all loyal customers. Some of these rewards include promotional bundles and discounts.

Honesty and Safety

We care about the safety of all our customers. Therefore, for all our deliveries we only suggest meet up points that are low-risk and comfortable. Where payment is concerned, we have a secured Linx payment system which reduces the chances of theft or robbery. Most importantly, The ABC staff is honest and professional in conducting and executing all business operations.